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Free Full Download Buckcherry - Discography (1999-2010) [Japanese Edition]

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Buckcherry - Discography (1999-2010) [Japanese Edition]

Buckcherry - Discography (1999-2010) [Japanese Edition]

Buckcherry - Discography (1999-2010) [Japanese Edition]
Release: 1999-2010 | EAC Rip | FLAC+CUE+LOG | Complete Scanwork | Size: 3.45 GB
Genre: Hard Rock, Neo Glam, Adult Alternative, Rock & Roll ...

Once upon a time in Los Angeles -- during the infamous mid-'80s Guns N' Roses era -- the City of Angels was spewing forth dirty, blues-influenced rock bands. Little Caesar, Junkyard, the Hangmen -- even the names were redolent of dirty Rock & Roll, Harleys, and barroom brawls. A new breed of rebel rock has emerged in Buckcherry - sober, tattooed blues-metallers whose charismatic singer, Josh Todd, boasts a compelling Iggy Pop/Jim Morrison/Mick Jagger persona!
BUCKCHERRY - Buckcherry (1999)
FLAC+CUE+LOG | 53:37 min | 422 MB
This is the First Studio Album

Buckcherry's 12-track debut album, produced by Terry Date (Pantera) with coproduction from former Sex Pistols Steve Jones, kicks off with the nasty, aggressive groove of "Lit Up". Still, Todd's persona works well with the band's aggro, melodic stomp, and with bands such as the Black Crowes, Nashville Pussy, and Honky Toast keeping barroom rock alive, Buckcherry are a ballsy and bold entry into the fray, as suited to share a stage with Hanoi Rocks as they would be with Motorhead.
As you listen to Buckcherry's debut record, a significant sense of deja vu takes hold. The foundation combines early Guns N' Roses riffs with AC/DC's blues feel and the Black Crowes' attitude. But Buckcherry has its own spirit, using these influences to create a new and unique sound. Co-produced by Terry Date (Deftones, White Zombie) and Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones, the album contains raunchy rockers turned up to 11 and slower, melodic numbers. "Lit Up", the band's hook-laden ode to the coke hobby, is an anthem for Los Angeles nightlife. "For The Movies" has an Oasis feel and is primed for rock radio. Vocalist Joshua Todd swaggers through "Lawless And Lulu", while Keith Nelson's punk metal riffs drive "Related". Buckcherry is a fresh and exciting Saturday night rock & roll album that kicks the door to the new millennium wide open (And say, could Buckcherry be an anagram for that pioneer of rock & roll Chuck Berry?).

Track List:

01. Lit Up
02. Crushed
03. Dead Again
04. Check Your Head
05. Dirty Mind
06. For The Movies
07. Lawless And Lulu
08. Related
09. Borderline
10. Get Back
11. Baby
12. Drink The Water
13. Late Nights In Voodoo [Bonus track]
all lyrics by Joshua Todd, all music by Buckcherry
Produced by Terry Date & Steve Jones. Recorded & Mixed by Terry Date,
except tracks "6 & 11". All additional information read inside the booklet.
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York, NY.
• Joshua Todd - vocals
• Keith Nelson - guitar
• Jonathan Brightman - bass
• Devon Glenn - drums, percussion
additional musicians:
- Steve Jones - guitar, background vocals
- Kim Bullard - keyboards
Originally Released: April 6, 1999
Re-Release Date: September 10, 2008
Format: SHM-CD, Original Recording Reissued
Label: Universal Music Japan
Catalog No.: UICY-90974
Matrix: MVCA-24023-1
(equivalenced the first pressing)
Buckcherry - Time Bomb (2001)
FLAC+CUE+LOG | 48:31 min | 376 MB
This is Buckcherry's Second Studio Album
Buckcherry's sophomore album is everything its eponymous debut was and more. It's an uncompromising melange of metal riffs via Aerosmith and AC/DC, punk tempos, the occasional blues-rock influence such as the Black Crowes-like "Porno Star" and the plaintive, almost Rolling Stones-ish "Underneath", and the classic snot-nosed rock & roll attitude of early Guns N' Roses. It's bracing stuff--guitarists Keith Nelson and the charmingly monikered Yogi sound like they learned how to play by eating pieces of Angus Young--and it's often very funny in a deliberately over the top way. (Inspirational verse from the title song: "Life ain't nothing but bitches and money"). Time Bomb is a non-stop blast, and if the band's name isn't an anagram for a certain legendary '50s rocker, it should be.
“ If you liked this bunch's self-titled debut, you will certainly dig the dozen raunchy tunes that populate Time Bomb. Wiry, wild Joshua Todd--a classic blues-belting, tattoo-bearing frontman--possesses a gift for irony that, while not easily gleaned, does exist. Behind him, guitars grind away, while big production by John Travis (Monster Magnet, Sugar Ray) helps create a believable street-grit feel that recalls early Guns N' Roses. The Sex Pistols-like "Place in the Sun" is a winner, as is the full-tilt "Frontside" and the suitably nasty "Porno Star". There are even a couple decent ballads! At its hard core, Time Bomb is that rare breed--an in-your-face, aggressive rock album that shows off a wonderful (and too rare) punk rock sensibility. ”
01. Frontside
02. Ridin'
03. Time Bomb
04. Porno Star
05. Place In The Sun
06. (Segue) Helpless
07. Underneath
08. Slit My Wrists
09. Whiskey In The Morning
10. You
11. Slamin'
12. Fall
13. Good Things (Bonus track)
14. Open My Eyes (Unlisted track)
Produced by John Travis
Engineered by Jason Corsaro, except "8 & 11" by Geoff Walcha
Mixed by James Barton, except "14" Mixed by John Travis
Recorded at Sunset Sounds, Hollywood, CA. Mixed at Encore Studios, Burbank, CA.
Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering.
• Josh Todd - vocals
• Keith Nelson - acoustic & electric guitars, sitar
• Yogi Lonich - guitar, mandolin, keyboards
• Jonathan "JB" Brightman - bass
• Devon Glenn - drums
additional personnel:
- Jamie Muhoberac - keyboards
- Gia Ciambotti - background vocals
Originally Released: March 27, 2001
Re-Release Date: September 10, 2008
Format: SHM-CD, Original Recording Reissued
Label: Universal Music Japan
Catalog No.: UICY-90975
Matrix: UICW-1005
(equivalenced the first pressing)
Josh Todd - You Made Me (2004)
FLAC+CUE+LOG | 54:30 min | Complete Artwork & DATA | 426 MB
Japanese Edition with 2 Bonus tracks | Victor Entertainment, Inc. # VICP-62656
- Josh Todd's first solo album.
While all these alternative rock bands with their greasy hair that no one really cares about keep getting their faces on MTV and in magazines, Josh Todd has the guts to go out and make an honest rock record with some pimpley ass kids he found in a newspaper ad. One thing you can say about Josh Todd is that he does exactly as he feels and performed straight up Hard & Heavy Rock and Roll.

Josh Todd, a lead singer of the hard rock band Buckcherry, reads alternate-historical fiction in his spare time. He's especially fond of tales of parallel Americas, ones where the warring tribes of metal and rap never made peace. In those Americas, Todd would be a rock star. Unfortunately, like Howard the Duck, he's trapped in world he never made; his resolute brand of glam-laced metal risks falling on teen ears unaccustomed to the feral joys of Guns N' Roses and Slayer, among the many black-clad outfits from whom he and his backing band borrow liberally. If this solo debut has no single song with the immediate power of Buckcherry's "Lit Up" or "Ridin'," it has several that come close, especially "Blast," which is as concussive as pop gets, the perfect vehicle for his artfully scratchy tenor. The album's first single, "Shine," is unworthy of Todd, a Creed-like anthem from a man who previously channeled porn stars and maniacs with hypnotic glee. Otherwise, though, You Made Me is tight and driven. Reportedly, Todd got his youthful new band by answering an ad for a singer. Between their hunger and his frustration with the state of rock & roll, they have fire to spare.
~ Marc Weidenbaum,

01. Mind Infection
02. Broken
03. The Walls
04. Flowers & Cages
05. Shine
06. Afraid
07. Blast
08. Burn
09. Circles
10. Straight Jacket
11. Slave
12. Wasted
13. Lovely Bones
14. Collide (Bonus track for Japan)
15. Catastrophe (Bonus track for Japan)
16. DATA (Shine music video)
Produced by Chris Johnson. Mixed by Rob Chiarelli.
• Josh Todd - vocals
• Mike Hewitt - guitars
• Jesse Logan - gitars
• Mark Letting - bass
• Kent Ross - drums
Original Release Date: January 5, 2004
Release Date: March 24, 2004
Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc.
Catalog No.: VICP-62656
Buckcherry - Fifteen (2005)
FLAC+CUE+LOG | 48:34 min | 390 MB
This is Buckcherry's Third Studio Album
More than four years after their second album, Time Bomb, the Los Angeles hard-rock group Buckcherry returned with this 11-track outing. Despite only frontman Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson remaining from the band's original lineup, Buckcherry sounds much as it did on its 1999 debut, channeling the Cult and AC/DC through a seedy L.A. filter, albeit with a hint of punk, as revealed on 15's propulsive opener, "So Far".
“ Buckcherry reestablish their status as one of the most raucous and delightfully dirty-minded acts in the industry today with Fifteen, a truly bombastic rock & roll blast. Vocalist Josh Todd leads this high-energy act into battle with the colossal one-two-three punch of "So Far", "Next 2 You", and "Out Of Line", each anchored by the weighty rhythm section of drummer Xavier Muriel and bassist Jimmy Ashhurst, then elevated by the Olympian guitar attack of Keith Nelson and Stevie D. But while an appropriate levity prevails on those tracks and others -- such as "Crazy Bitch", "Broken Glass", and the good time stomp "Brooklyn" -- the band also find time to show a more sensitive and mature side with the hit-worthy and country-inflected "Carousel", plus the unapologetically melancholy "Sorry". If there's a fault to be found on "15" it doesn't reveal itself easily, and if there's a fault to be found with Buckcherry it is perhaps that they imbue listeners with a zest for living. But that clearly is no crime.
~ Jedd Beaudoin, amazon

01. So Far
02. Next 2 You
03. Out Of Line
04. Everything
05. Carousel
06. Sorry
07. Crazy Bitch
08. Onset
09. Sunshine
10. Brooklyn
11. Broken Glass
12. Back In The Day [Bonus track]
13. Pump It Up [Bonus track]
Produced by Keith Nelson, Mike Plotnikoff and Paul DeCarli
Engineered by Mike Plotnikoff. Recorded at Mad Dog Studios, Burbank, CA
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York, NY.
• Josh Todd - vocals
• Keith Nelson - guitars
• Stevie D - guitars
• Jimmy Ashurst - bass guitar
• Xavier Muriel - drums
Originally Released: October 5, 2005
Re-Release Date: September 10, 2008
Format: SHM-CD, Original Recording Reissued
Label: Universal Music Japan
Catalog No.: UICY-90976
Matrix: UICE-1115
(equivalenced the first pressing)
Buckcherry - Black Butterfly (2008)
FLAC+CUE+LOG | 50 min | 384 MB
This is Buckcherry's Four Studio Album
Buckcherry is back in 2008 with a purpose, unleashing their newest effort, Black Butterfly. Following the platinum success of "15" these LA rockers haven't lost any of their edge. Over the two years since its release "15" has spent over 100 weeks in Billboard's top 200, supported by numerous chart-topping singles and relentless touring.
“ Forever a band without a niche, L.A.'s Buckcherry has never existed in the right place at the right time. When their acclaimed first album was released, Backstreet Boys and N'Sync were coming into their prime and rap rock was the dominant style. But for fans who craved greasy hedonism the likes of which vanished around the time Axl Rose went crazy, Buckcherry was a revelation. Despite label woes, personnel turnover, and singer Josh Todd's brief flirtation with becoming the new Axl, Buckcherry survived and is more successful than ever. Black Butterfly doesn't mess with their formula. Todd's lyrics generally deal with intoxication and fornication, and the AC/DC-like crunch that accompanies most of them is perfect for gyrating, but songs like the radio-ready power ballad "Dreams" display a morning-after sobriety that keeps Black Butterfly from being one-note. ”
01. Rescue Me
02. Tired Of You
03. Too Drunk...
04. Dreams
05. Talk To Me
06. A Child Called It
07. Don't Go Away
08. Fallout
09. Rose
10. All Of Me
11. Imminent Bail Out
12. Cream
13. Nothing (Demo, Bonus track)
14. Stayin' High (Demo, Bonus track)
+ Highway Star (included in MP3 archive, FLAC link & info see in the comments)
Produced by Keith Nelson and Marti Frederiksen
Mixed by Keith Nelson, Marti Frederiksen & Anthiny Focx
Recording Engineer: Jun Murakawa
Recorded in June 2008 at Studio 606 and Drive-By Studios
Track "13 & 14" Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Keith Nelson
• Josh Todd - lead vocals
• Keith Nelson - guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, baritone guitar, background vocals
• Stevie D - guitar, background vocals
• Jimmy Ashurst - mandolin, bass guitar, finger cymbals, background vocals
• Xavier Muriel - drums, percussion, background vocals
Original Release Date: September 16, 2008
Release Date: September 16, 2008
Format: Limited FC Edition, Explicit Lyrics
Label: Eleven Seven/Atlantic Rec. Corp.
Catalog No.: 2-513709
Buckcherry - Live And Loud 2009 (2009)
FLAC+CUE+LOG | 68:20 min | 527 MB
This is Buckcherry's First Live Album
2009 live album from the Grammy-nominated L.A. rockers. Features scorching live versions of all your favorite Buckcherry tracks!
01. Tired Of You
02. Next 2 You
03. Broken Glass
04. Check Your Head
05. Lit Up
06. Talk To Me
07. Rescue Me
08. Rose
09. For The Movies
10. Ridin'
11. Lawless And Lulu
12. Everything
13. Sorry
14. Crazy Bitch
15. Cream
Produced by Keith Nelson. Mixed by Keith Nelson and Jun Murakawa. Mastered by Dave Collins.
Release Date: September 29, 2009
Label: Eleven Seven Music
Catalog No.: ESM 730-2
Buckcherry - All Night Long (2010) [2xSHM-CD Deluxe Edition]
FLAC+CUE+LOG -> 528 MB | 70:44 min | Complete Artwork -> 101 MB
2x SHM-CD Japanese Limited Deluxe Edition. Contains Extra Track & the "Reckless Sons" Acoustic EP
The Fifth Studio album
All Night Long -- the fifth album from Buckcherry -- is the vital sound of Rock & Roll endurance at its very best. It's not just rock, it's Rock and Roll. More than a decade after first establishing its good name with the popular eponymous 1999 debut effort, Buckcherry has created the band's most eclectic and impressive effort yet. All Night Long is a thoroughly rocking song cycle in the grand tradition of classic albums by the group's forefathers and now friends Aerosmith, AC/DC and Kiss.
“ On August 3, Buckcherry released All Night Long, the follow-up to 2008?s masterpiece Black Butterfly. Just like their first four records, All Night Long takes us back to an era when you could listen to a rock and roll album from start to finish and not find a bad track in the bunch. The CD contains 11 tracks, and absolutely not a moment of filler. If you like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses (before Axl went Nine Inch Nails on us), or Motley Crue, there’s no reason for you to not pick up this album.
The CD starts out with the title cut, “All Night Long”, which would’ve fit in any hair metal bar on the Sunset Strip in 1988, but still sounds perfectly relevant today. Buckcherry’s album sales and concert attendance proves that in a world of emo, pop, teenage megastars, and even heavier darker metal, the world still wants its good old-fashioned party rock…Loud guitars, good vocals, a good beat, and lyrics about women and partying are still what we all crave.
Mixed in with the AC/DC-style rockers such as “All Night Long”, “Oh My Lord”, “Recovery”, and “Dead” are slower, more intricate songs such as “These Things”, “Bliss”, and the classic-style power ballad “I Want You”. And though most of the songs are, frankly, about wild times, women and relationships, and hard partying, the fairly serious “Our World” fits like a glove amongst the other songs. With a classic hard rock musical style, the lyrics portray something that the band has mostly avoided… It discusses in plain English, all of the tragedy and senseless violence going on in this world, and reminds us that it’s all of our responsibility to do what we can as individuals, and as a society, to fix it. Josh Todd’s lyrics remind us that for now, this is the only world we have, and we’d better clean up our act if we want it to be around for our kids.
Overall, this is probably the most solid hard rock record I’ve heard this year. Expect it to stay in the Hot 100 charts on Billboard, and to be labeled as one of the top rock releases of 2010.
~ Review from

Disc 1 - All Night Long
01. All Night Long
02. It's A Party
03. These Things
04. Oh My Lord
05. Recovery
06. Never Say Never
07. I Want You
08. Liberty
09. Our World
10. Bliss
11. Dead
12. Lonely (Bonus track for Japan)
Disc 2 - Reckless Sons, an Acoustic EP
01. These Things
02. Fire Off Your Guns
03. Black Butterfly
04. King Of Kings
05. My Friend
06. Grace
Produced by Keith Neson and Marti Frederiksen. Engineered by Jun Mukarawa
Recorded at The Bastard Raunch, Hollywood, CA. January - April 2010. Mixed by Drad Salter.
Josh Todd - lead vocals
• Keith Nelson - lead guitar, backing vocals
• Stevie D. - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
• Jimmy Ashhurst - bass guitar, backing vocals
• Xavier Muriel - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Original Release Date: August 3, 2010
Release Date: August 4, 2010
Format: Limited DCD Deluxe Edition, SHM-CD
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Universal Japan
Catalog No.: UICE-9084/5

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