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Free Full Download VA - Legends and Ultimate Rock Ballads Super Set (2008) (iTunes)

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VA - Legends and Ultimate Rock Ballads Super Set (2008) (iTunes)

VA - Legends and Ultimate Rock Ballads Super Set (2008) (iTunes)

VA - Legends and Ultimate Rock Ballads Super Set (2008) (iTunes)
265 tracks | Genre: Rock | Release: 2008 | M4A 128 kbps | 1,01 GB + 3%

Track List:

Born To Run.m4a 4.1 MB
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is_.m4a 3.1 MB
Maggie May.m4a 4.9 MB
Money For Nothing.m4a 3.8 MB
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now.m4a 4.2 MB
Walk On The Wild Side.m4a 4 MB
Werewolves Of London.m4a 3.2 MB
What's Love Got To Do With It.m4a 3.5 MB
Wild Thing.m4a 2.3 MB
Don't Do Me Like That.m4a 2.4 MB
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free.m4a 3.8 MB
Kodachrome.m4a 3.3 MB
Listen To The Music.m4a 3.2 MB
Missing You.m4a 4.1 MB
Smoke On The Water.m4a 3.7 MB
The Search Is Over.m4a 3.8 MB
White Rabbit.m4a 2.4 MB
Barracuda.m4a 3.2 MB
Because The Night.m4a 3 MB
Crocodile Rock.m4a 3.7 MB
Faith.m4a 3 MB
Good Lovin'.m4a 2.3 MB
If This Is It.m4a 3.6 MB
One Of These Nights.m4a 4.6 MB
Spirit In The Sky.m4a 3.7 MB
We Belong.m4a 3.4 MB
Back In The High Life Again.m4a 4.1 MB
Bang A Gong (Get It On).m4a 4.2 MB
Don't Stop.m4a 3 MB
Is This Love.m4a 4.4 MB
No Time.m4a 3.4 MB
Peace Train.m4a 3.8 MB
These Dreams.m4a 3.9 MB
Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright).m4a 3.7 MB
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad.m4a 5.1 MB
Baker Street.m4a 3.9 MB
Band On The Run.m4a 4.9 MB
Doctor My Eyes.m4a 3.1 MB
Go Your Own Way.m4a 3.4 MB
Hot Child In The City.m4a 2.8 MB
Need You Tonight.m4a 2.8 MB
Running On Empty.m4a 4.5 MB
The Letter.m4a 1.8 MB
To Be With You.m4a 3.2 MB
Blinded By The Light.m4a 3.6 MB
Don't You (Forget About Me).m4a 4 MB
I Shot The Sheriff.m4a 4.1 MB
I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That).m4a 4.8 MB
In The Air Tonight.m4a 4.9 MB
It's Too Late.m4a 3.6 MB
Lay Down Sally.m4a 3.3 MB
The Rapper.m4a 2.5 MB
You're No Good.m4a 3.4 MB
Bad Time.m4a 2.7 MB
Lido Shuffle.m4a 3.5 MB
Lonesome Loser.m4a 3.7 MB
Me And Bobby McGee.m4a 4.1 MB
Say You Will.m4a 3.9 MB
Spill The Wine.m4a 3.7 MB
Time Of The Season.m4a 3.3 MB
With Or Without You.m4a 4.6 MB
Baby, I Love Your Way.m4a 4.3 MB
Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone).m4a 3.7 MB
Hocus Pocus.m4a 3.3 MB
How Long.m4a 3.2 MB
Life's Been Good.m4a 4.4 MB
Living For The City.m4a 3.4 MB
Lola [Live].m4a 4.3 MB
Touch Of Grey.m4a 4.3 MB
When I See You Smile.m4a 3.9 MB
Amanda.m4a 4 MB
Can't You See.m4a 3.1 MB
Dixie Chicken.m4a 3.6 MB
Layla.m4a 6.6 MB
Light My Fire.m4a 6.7 MB
Love Is A Battlefield.m4a 3.8 MB
Peg.m4a 3.7 MB
Rich Girl.m4a 2.2 MB
The Way It Is.m4a 4.5 MB
Eye Of The Tiger.m4a 3.6 MB
Harden My Heart.m4a 3.3 MB
Broken Wings.m4a 4.4 MB
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me.m4a 5.3 MB
Drive.m4a 3.7 MB
I Want To Know What Love Is.m4a 4.5 MB
Lady.m4a 2.8 MB
Open Arms.m4a 3.1 MB
If You Leave Me Now.m4a 3.6 MB
Rosanna.m4a 3.8 MB
Stay With Me.m4a 4.4 MB
The One That You Love.m4a 4 MB
Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy.m4a 3.2 MB
How Much I Feel.m4a 4.4 MB
Wind Of Change.m4a 4.8 MB
Dance With Me.m4a 3.1 MB
Piano Man.m4a 5.1 MB
Melissa.m4a 3.7 MB
Over My Head.m4a 3.3 MB
Total Eclipse Of The Heart.m4a 5.1 MB
Heaven In Your Eyes.m4a 3.8 MB
More Than Words.m4a 5 MB
Alone Again.m4a 4 MB
I'm Not In Love.m4a 3.6 MB
Oh Sherrie.m4a 3.5 MB
Black Velvet.m4a 4.4 MB
Everytime You Go Away.m4a 4.1 MB
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now).m4a 3.1 MB
I Can Dream About You.m4a 3.6 MB
Without You.m4a 3.1 MB
Ready For Love.m4a 4.6 MB
The Air That I Breathe.m4a 3.5 MB
You Belong To The City.m4a 5.3 MB
Love Of A Lifetime.m4a 4.4 MB
Love Song.m4a 5.1 MB
Time For Me To Fly.m4a 3.4 MB
Almost Paradise.m4a 3.6 MB
Miles Away.m4a 3.8 MB
Sister Christian.m4a 4 MB
All By Myself.m4a 4.1 MB
Do You Feel Like We Do.m4a 6.9 MB
You And Me.m4a 3.2 MB
(I Just) Died In Your Arms.m4a 4.1 MB
It Don't Come Easy.m4a 2.8 MB
Midnight Blue.m4a 3.5 MB
Miracles.m4a 3.3 MB
Slow Ride.m4a 3.7 MB
There Goes Another Love Song.m4a 2.8 MB
Truckin'.m4a 4.8 MB
Use Ta Be My Girl.m4a 3.2 MB
Why Can't This Be Love.m4a 3.6 MB
A Horse With No Name.m4a 3.9 MB
Fly Like An Eagle.m4a 2.8 MB
Love The One You're With.m4a 2.8 MB
Owner Of A Lonely Heart.m4a 3.5 MB
School's Out.m4a 3.2 MB
Summer Of '69.m4a 3.3 MB
The Joker.m4a 3.4 MB
We Are The Champions.m4a 2.8 MB
We Will Rock You.m4a 1.9 MB
- Baby Hold On.m4a 3.2 MB
- Free Ride.m4a 2.9 MB
- Mississippi Queen.m4a 2.3 MB
- Cat Scratch Fever.m4a 2.9 MB
- Don't Look Back.m4a 5.8 MB
- Paradise By The Dashboard Light.m4a 7.8 MB
- The House Is Rockin'.m4a 2.2 MB
- Rock On.m4a 3.2 MB
- Keep On Loving You.m4a 3.1 MB
- Telephone Line.m4a 4.4 MB
- Carry On Waywrd Son.m4a 5 MB
- I'd Love To Change The World.m4a 3.5 MB
- Down On Me.m4a 2 MB
- Heart Full Of Soul.m4a 2.2 MB
- Oye Como Va.m4a 4 MB
- Heard It In A Love Song.m4a 3.3 MB
- So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star.m4a 2 MB
- Surrender.m4a 3.8 MB
Carrie.m4a 4.2 MB
For What It's Worth.m4a 2.5 MB
Get Together.m4a 4.3 MB
Love Bites.m4a 5.4 MB
More Than A Feeling.m4a 3.1 MB
Night Fever.m4a 3.3 MB
Smokin' In The Boys Room.m4a 2.7 MB
Your Mama Don't Dance.m4a 2.6 MB
China Grove.m4a 3 MB
Do It Again.m4a 3.8 MB
High Enough.m4a 4.5 MB
I Love The Nightlife.m4a 2.9 MB
Just Between You And Me.m4a 3.6 MB
Livin' On A Prayer.m4a 3.8 MB
Magic Man.m4a 5.1 MB
Sister Golden Hair.m4a 3 MB
Summer In The City.m4a 2.5 MB
Aqualung.m4a 6 MB
Back On The Chain Gang.m4a 3.5 MB
Every Rose Has Its Thorn.m4a 3.9 MB
Eyes Without A Face.m4a 4.5 MB
Kiss You All Over.m4a 3.3 MB
Love Stinks.m4a 3.4 MB
Misty Mountain Hop.m4a 4.4 MB
The Logical Song.m4a 3.4 MB
The Power Of Love.m4a 3.6 MB
Fame.m4a 4 MB
Hot Blooded.m4a 3.9 MB
Invisible Touch.m4a 3.1 MB
More Than Words Can Say.m4a 3.5 MB
Rebel Rebel.m4a 4.2 MB
Roundabout.m4a 3.2 MB
Short People.m4a 2.6 MB
Up On Cripple Creek.m4a 4.2 MB
Can't Get Enough.m4a 3.9 MB
Dust In The Wind.m4a 3.2 MB
Feels Like The First Time.m4a 3 MB
Jive Talkin'.m4a 3.4 MB
Move It On Over.m4a 3.9 MB
Revival (Love Is Everywhere).m4a 3.8 MB
Silent Lucidity.m4a 5.4 MB
Waiting For A Girl Like You.m4a 4.4 MB
Would I Lie To You_.m4a 4 MB
Daniel.m4a 3.6 MB
Dirty Diana.m4a 4.5 MB
Eye In The Sky.m4a 4.3 MB
Free Bird.m4a 7.3 MB
Heaven.m4a 3.7 MB
Just What I Needed.m4a 3.5 MB
Le Freak.m4a 3.3 MB
Lucky Man.m4a 4.3 MB
When I'm With You.m4a 3.5 MB
Babe.m4a 3.7 MB
Casey Jones.m4a 4.2 MB
Control.m4a 3.3 MB
Double Vision.m4a 3.2 MB
Every Time I Think Of You.m4a 3.6 MB
Long Time.m4a 2.9 MB
Nights In White Satin.m4a 6.8 MB
Walk This Way.m4a 3.4 MB
Won't Get Fooled Again.m4a 8.1 MB
Alone.m4a 3.4 MB
Three Little Birds.m4a 2.8 MB
You're In My Heart.m4a 4.2 MB
Tiny Dancer.m4a 5.8 MB
(Don't Fear) The Reaper.m4a 3.6 MB
If I Could Turn Back Time.m4a 3.7 MB
Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy.m4a 3.1 MB
Burning Heart.m4a 3.6 MB
Can't Fight This Feeling.m4a 4.5 MB
Sara.m4a 4 MB
And Life.m4a 3.6 MB
Kyrie.m4a 3.9 MB
I'll Stand By You.m4a 3.6 MB
Living Inside Myself.m4a 4.1 MB
Love Hurts.m4a 2.8 MB
Black Water.m4a 4 MB
Up Where We Belong.m4a 3.7 MB
We Just Disagree.m4a 2.8 MB
Fooled Around And Fell In Love.m4a 2.8 MB
Hungry Eyes.m4a 3.8 MB
Only Women Bleed.m4a 3.2 MB
Sea Of Love.m4a 2.9 MB
The Flame.m4a 4.5 MB
We're Ready.m4a 3.7 MB
Rocky Mountain Way.m4a 4.9 MB
When The Children Cry.m4a 4 MB
Never Tear Us Apart.m4a 2.8 MB
Poison.m4a 4.1 MB
Second Chance.m4a 4.6 MB
All The Young Dudes.m4a 3.2 MB
Big Log.m4a 4.7 MB
In A Big Country.m4a 4.3 MB
(Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection.m4a 3.7 MB
Close My Eyes Forever.m4a 4.4 MB
Ride Like The Wind.m4a 4.3 MB
Can't Get It Out Of My Head.m4a 4.1 MB
Look Away.m4a 3.7 MB
Sentimental Street.m4a 3.8 MB
Don't Close Your Eyes.m4a 4 MB
Midnight Rider.m4a 4.2 MB
The Final Countdown.m4a 4.7 MB
Dream Weaver.m4a 4 MB
Take It On The Run.m4a 3.4 MB
At This Moment.m4a 4 MB
Eternal Flame.m4a 3.7 MB
Margaritaville.m4a 3.9 MB
Ooh Baby Baby.m4a 3 MB

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