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Free Full Download Autodesk 3ds Max 2019.1.1 (x64)

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Autodesk 3ds Max 2019.1.1 (x64)

Autodesk 3ds Max 2019.1.1 (x64)
Autodesk 3ds Max 2019.1.1 (x64)
File size: 4.9/0.6 GB
3D modeling, animation, and rendering software. 3ds Max® 3D modeling and rendering software helps you create massive worlds in games, stunning scenes for design visualization, and engaging virtual reality experiences.

3ds Max 2019 modeling and rendering software
Produce professional-quality 3D animations, renders, and models with 3ds Max® software. An efficient toolset helps you create better 3D and virtual reality (VR) content in less time.

3ds Max Fluids
Create realistic liquid behaviors directly in 3ds Max.

Motion Paths
Manipulate animations directly in the viewport and get direct feedback when making adjustments in your scene.

Character animation and rigging tools
Create procedural animation and character rigging with CAT, biped, and crowd animation tools.

General animation tools
Use keyframe and procedural animation tools. View and edit animation trajectories directly in the viewport.

Max Creation Graph controllers
Author animation controllers, using a new generation of animation tools that you can create, modify, package, and share.

Particle Flow effects
Create sophisticated particle effects such as water, fire, spray, and snow.

Simple simulation data import
Animate simulation data in CFD, CSV, or OpenVDB formats.

Geodesic Voxel and Heatmap skinning
Quickly and easily generate better skin weighting.
and more...

Operating system:
Microsoft® Windows® 10 (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1, 64-bit)Whats New:MAXX-17941 MAXX:Alembic NURBS Curves turn shorter.
MAXX-42926 MAXX:Alembic Issue when Motion Blur checkbox was unchecked.
MAXX-43128 MAXX:Alembic Unspecified exception when importing Alembic file.
MAXX-42912 MAXX:Alembic Camera view not rendering with Arnold.
MAXX-42211 MAXX:Alembic Recurrent Export/Import of channel names is destructive.
MAXX-43123 MAXX:Animation MAXSscript call to remove bones did not work in some cases.
MAXX-40391 MAXX:Animation Merging Biped with CAT scene produced crash.
MAXX-36824 MAXX:Animation Attaching meshes was slow and froze the software. Now it can be up to 7 times faster than previous versions.
MAXX-42607 MAXX:CamerasPhysical Crash when creating a physical camera.
MAXX-40243 MAXX:CamerasPhysical Crash when pressing a transform key while creating a Physical Camera.
MAXX-39338 MAXX:Cloud Shared Views: When sharing a view with a large number of missing assets, there could be a long delay.
MAXX-42542 MAXX:Cloud Shared Views: Shell materials not exported to Shared Views.
MAXX-42528 MAXX:Cloud Shared Views: Issue when exporting any textures to channels other than 1 in Shared Views.
MAXX-42247 MAXX:Cloud Shared Views: Sharing Views with objects that have missing texture maps results in grey objects (rather than the object's diffuse color).
MAXX-42246 MAXX:Cloud Shared Views: If a material's diffuse slot is unchecked, the texture is still shared.
MAXX-42125 MAXX:Cloud Shared Views: Node names in a Shared View are incorrect when the names in a 3ds Max scene have accents (é, è, â, etc.).
MAXX-42124 MAXX:Cloud Shared Views: Blend between the diffuse color and the diffuse texture is wrong.
MAXX-43137 MAXX:Core Improved scene file I/O robustness for cases in which a very large number of object types (classes) are being saved and loaded.
MAXX-42551 MAXX:Core The objXRefMgr.addNewXRefObject MAXScript API now allows you to specify how to re-parent an xrefed object. For more information, see MAXScript documentation.
MAXX-41627 MAXX:Core Fixed issue in Physique that prevented loading scene files.
MAXX-40812 MAXX:Core Improved support for checking in large 3ds Max scene files into Autodesk Vault.
MAXX-41938 MAXX:Core Fixed crash with XRef Object when entering proxy object name.
MAXX-42430 MAXX:Core Fixed issues getting (checking out) very large scene files from Vault.
MAXX-40489 MAXX:FileIO Fixed issues with auto-login into Autodesk Vault through 3ds Max's Asset Tracker.
MAXX-35755 MAXX:FileIO Compress on Save corrupted large scene files. Compression now supports very large, multi-gigabyte files.
MAXX-38546 MAXX:Fluids Crash related to Stickiness values greater than 1.
MAXX-43434 MAXX:Fluids Max Color of the Color Channel not displayed when Simulating.
MAXX-40328 MAXX:Fluids Truncate not clearing cache.
MAXX-26194 MAXX:Interop Normals inverted when linking a Revit file (affected Link only, not Import).
MAXX-39881 MAXX:Interop MAXX:UVW Crash when importing OBJ and applying a modifier.
MAXX-28916 MAXX:MaterialEditors Icons for the Multi/Sub Material are drawn incorrectly.
MAXX-39800 MAXX:MAXScript maxVersion() MAXScript command was returning nondescript release information. Now, it reports the full product version including major, minor, hotfix and build number. For more information, see MAXScript documentation.
MAXX-42988 MAXX:MAXScript Fixed issue where enumerating the elements of an array using 'for in ' would cause functions extracted from the sequence to lose the structure or plugin instance associated with the function (if any). This would result in the function being unable to properly access local variables in the instance.
MAXX-43538 MAXX:MAXScript Improved error message reported by the addModifierWithLocalData MAXScript function, when source modifier not found on source node.
MAXX-43300 MAXX:MAXScript Fixed access violation when setting the value of a null sub-anim object through MAXScript. A MAXScript runtime error is generated instead.
t[#visibility].value = 1 -> was access violation, now reports Runtime error: Cannot set property on null subAnim object: Visibility
t[#visibility].object -> undefined
MAXX-42201 MAXX:MAXScript The xrefs.addNewXrefObject MAXScriptAPI respects quiet mode when it needs to reparent an xrefed object. Reparenting behavior can be fine-tuned through the new reparentAction keyword argument. For more information, see MAXScript documentation.
MAXX-42145 MAXX:MAXScript Improved handling of end-of-stream markers in the readline(), peekchar(), and readChar() functions of memStreamMgr in MAXScript.readline(), peekchar(), and readChar() functions of memStreamMgr in MAXScript.
MAXX-42144 MAXX:MAXScript The xrefs.addNewXRefObject MAXScript API now allows for specifying how to re-parent an xrefed object. For more information, see MAXScript documentation.
MAXX-42153 MAXX:MAXScript Improved error reporting in scripted dialogs by explicitly calling out the causing the error in the MAXScript Listener.
MAXX-37372 MAXX:MAXScript Fixed issue with getHandleByAnim Python API not returning correct values.
MAXX-43595 MAXX:Modeling Performance degradation on playback involving many poly meshes.
MAXX-35980 MAXX:Modeling Data Channel Modifier: Does not always get updated by transform updates.
MAXX-37362 MAXX:Modeling Data Channel Modifier: Vertex Output is not working for Vertex Alpha and Vertex Illum.
MAXX-39412 MAXX:Modeling Chamfer Modifier: Does not retain off state.
MAXX-43024 MAXX:Modeling Shapes: Crash opening some Max 2017 files with shape objects.
MAXX-42390 MAXX:Modeling Blended Box Map: Infinite recursion crash.
MAXX-43263 MAXX:Modeling EditablePoly: Subdivision rollout state not being preserved.: Subdivision rollout state not being preserved.
MAXX-42239 MAXX:Modeling SplineTools: Objects are not visible when scene xrefed.: Objects are not visible when scene xrefed.
MAXX-42241 MAXX:Modeling EditPoly Modifier: Switching between caddies stacks changes.
MAXX-41266 MAXX:Modeling EditablePoly: Extruding with more than 4 vertices might be unpredictable.
MAXX-41287 MAXX:Modeling DataChannel Modifier: Missing Bitmap sequence update. Modifier: Missing Bitmap sequence update.
MAXX-41228 MAXX:Modeling Terrain: Some shapes can cause 3ds Max to hang.
MAXX-42053 MAXX:Modeling EditPoly Modifier: Edge selection can change mesh topology causing Undo crashes.
MAXX-42018 MAXX:Modeling DataChannel Modifier: Crash when updating rest pose.
MAXX-41996 MAXX:Modeling Freehand Spline: Crash on spinner update.
MAXX-40586 MAXX:Modeling SplineTools: SymetryMod crash when scene has xrefs.
MAXX-40558 MAXX:Modeling AEC Wall: Crash after editing a segment.
MAXX-41749 MAXX:Modeling EditablePoly: Extrude/Bevel dialogue missing bias.
MAXX-41675 MAXX:Modeling EditPoly Modifier: Crash when adding on top OSD.
MAXX-41866 MAXX:Modeling AEC Wall: Viewport not updating when deleting segments.
MAXX-41877 MAXX:Modeling Boolean: Mangled UVs with multi element models.
MAXX-42389 MAXX:Modeling EditPoly Modifier: Cancelling a caddie/dialog operation pushes it to the Undo stack.
MAXX-42012 MAXX:ParticleFlow Issue when loading particles saved in previous versions.
MAXX-23347 MAXX:PointCloud Point Cloud snaps do not work consistently.
MAXX-37963 MAXX:Python Python had slow performance casting the MAXScript object set (pymxs.runtime.objects ) into a Python list. Performance has been greatly improved.
MAXX-30224 MAXX:Python Python dictionaries with integer keys can now be properly accessed in MAXScript.
MAXX-39525 MAXX:RealTimeWorkflows FBX import crash FbxMaxMeshWrapper::SetMapVerts.
MAXX-42348 MAXX:RealTimeWorkflows Memory leaks and mismatching memory allocations and deallocations fixed.
MAXX-39196 MAXX:Rendering Rendered Frame options disappear after closing the render window and re-opening again with UI Toggles off.
MAXX-40292 MAXX:Rendering Bitmap image sequence range not updating.
MAXX-42731 MAXX:Rendering Stability fixes to the OSL Map.
MAXX-43030 MAXX:Rendering Added support for decals to OSL Bitmap.
MAXX-42444 MAXX:Rendering OSL Time and Frame Number stop working if you click Reset Parameters.
MAXX-41330 MAXX:Rendering Crash when loading an invalid OSL Shader.
MAXX-33176 MAXX:Rendering ShapeMap or TextMap: Modifying in Active Shade causes crash.
MAXX-41988 MAXX:RenderingMaterials No transparency for 32-bit icons.
MAXX-42396 MAXX:RenderingQuickSilver Animated Interactive shaders are not being rendered by Quicksilver.
MAXX-41221 MAXX:RenderingSpectrum Cannot cloud render due to missing proxy support.
MAXX-42407 MAXX:SceneConverter Opening old MEdit after scene conversion can lead to crash.
MAXX-43231 MAXX:SDK Fixed broken Max SDK project called cuitest.
MAXX-37562 MAXX:UI Columns in file summary info are offset.
MAXX-36963 MAXX:UI Scene Converter menu is missing in modular mini workspace.
MAXX-39453 MAXX:UI Random crash caused by UI elements.
MAXX-39848 MAXX:UI Icons not appearing in Global Search for some commands.
MAXX-39937 MAXX:UI Additional Startup Templates and Configure System Paths are not localized.
MAXX-39724 MAXX:UI System exception when querying dock state.
MAXX-42936 MAXX:UI StateSets related startup crash when resource icons are not available.
MAXX-43093 MAXX:UI QT Rollup Container: Custom right-click action is executed twice.
MAXX-42598 MAXX:UI Changing background color may cause crash.
MAXX-43489 MAXX:UI Help links not directed to localized pages.
MAXX-42506 MAXX:UI Tooltips don't work on floating menus.
MAXX-41507 MAXX:UI Alt Menu: Scene > Tools (Scene Set) > Manage Templates menu item is missing.
MAXX-38689 MAXX:Viewports UV Map is added as a dependency even if you do not use the modifier.
MAXX-41853 MAXX:Viewports NitrousGraphicsManager.LoadViewGraph has no effect.
Known issues and workarounds
MAXX-43638 MAXX:Alembic Unknown QWidgeterror in Alembic Importer.
MAXX-43649 MAXX:Alembic Loc_All: Inspect dialog does not support Unicode characters.
MAXX-43687 MAXX:Fluids Mesh type helper of the Emitter boundary control and Collider boundary doesn't work.
MAXX-43729 MAXX:Fluids Wrong behavior when using the emitter checkbox on a second Liquid.
MAXX-43704 MAXX:Fluids Fluids/Boundary may lock a viewport and the simulation cannot be stopped.
MAXX-42184 MAXX:Modeling Renderable Splines' capping method changed in 3ds Max 2019. When working in files saved in previous versions, the geometry may be incorrect when stacking changes on top.
1. Disable modifications after the renderable spline..
2. Add an Edit-Poly modifier to the stack after the renderable spline.
3. Triangulate the faces of the spline cap.
4. Re-enable modifications on the stack.
MAXX-41308 MAXX:UI When Windows Scaling is more than 100%, the UI does not scale correctly in Trackview's Float Expression Controller "Pick" window.
1. In Windows, set Custom Scaling or Custom Scaling Level (depending on your version) to 100%.
2. Restart your computer.
3. Start 3ds Max.
MAXX: 41632 MAXX:UI Loading ame.dark UI scheme makes the UI hard to read. Do not load ame.dark.ui from the default dark scheme. To revert, load ame_light.ui then load ame_dark.ui once.
MAXX:34633 MAXX:41307 MAXX:41617 MAXX:UI Various scaling issues related to Windows 10 such as scaling, jumping spinners, offset menu entries, and other UI anomalies. When possible, maintain 100% or equivalent scaling on all monitors.
MAXX:38309 MAXX:UI Crash on startup when tablet drivers are installed. Install .NET Framework version 4.7.1 or higher.
MAXX:43355 MAXX:UI Delete key cannot be mapped in CUI. Avoid removing Delete key mapping in CUI dialog, otherwise resetting user preferences will restore default key mapping.
MAXX:40876 MAXX:UI Maximize Viewport breaks extended viewports. In the Workspaces toolbar, select Reset to Default State.




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